What is No Miss?  
You can’t always keep your eyes on everything so why not let No Miss do it for you.
No Miss is a combination of a small, battery powered Bluetooth device and an app on your Smartphone. The app can locate No Miss and show you how far away you are from it.
Simply pair the device with the app and the app will begin tracking the device.
No Miss app will show you the approximate distance to your device and an audible beep will increase in frequency as you get closer and closer to the device.

What can you do with No Miss?
Have you ever found yourself standing at a baggage carousel after a long flight waiting and waiting for your luggage to arrive? You stare at the countless number of baggage arriving at the carousel not knowing when yours will arrive. Let No Miss alert you when your baggage is nearby while you sit back and relax.

Watchful Eye
Do you want to make sure your children or pets don’t wander off too far from you? Place No Miss in your child’s pocket or on your dog’s collar and No Miss can alert you when they go out of range.